Tired of the Same Old Issues with Your Trash Can? Here Are Four Simple Ways to Optimize It

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Trash cans gather all of your unwanted and discarded materials to keep your apartment home spick and span. They are true heroes, in other words! But, with all the convenience they afford us, trash cans can also cause a good amount of grief and impact your daily life with their small annoyances. Just like anything else in life though, there are ways around these pitfalls of an otherwise completely useful product. If you want to eliminate the frustrations you deal with when it comes to your trash can, follow one – or more – of these four helpful hacks, courtesy of the best apartments near River Legacy Park Arlington:

Beat the suction effect.

Most of us are already well aware that the friction between the garbage can and plastic bag will create a suction effect. All you have to do to get rid of this annoying occurrence, however, is drill small holes around the perimeter of your kitchen trash can. Make sure to place them a couple of inches above the bottom of the can, so if the bag breaks, you won’t have less-than-savory liquid seeping through the holes of the can. Better safe than sorry, right?

Add hardware for seamless movement.

Moving your trash bin can be a pain when it is already full. To make this task easier on dinner prep and other instances where the can would have to be moved, add a handle and wheels to your trash can. Once you install four caster-like wheels at the bottom of the can, for example, you’ll make your garbage can more mobile all-around. Plus, with the handle, you can pull the can without touching the lip of it – and that’s a win-win in our book!

Ensure that you always have a spare trash bag.

Mama always said to be prepared, and one way you can do this in regards to your trash can is storing spare bags at the bottom, underneath the bag that’s currently being used. In fact, we suggest keeping two or three trash bags folded up at the bottom of a clean garbage can. Not only will this expedite the process of taking out the trash and replacing the bag, but you’ll also know whenever you’re running low on bags for a quick trip to the store.

Control garbage odor.

Obviously, odors are a major issue with garbage cans if you’re not too careful. To take care of foul odors, there are a number of approaches. For instance, you can place a cotton ball dotted with essential oils at the bottom of the can. You can also use a scented dryer sheet, instead. Not much for scents in general? Try baking soda If you want to absorb odors without adding any scent to the garbage can. We promise that you will be happy with the results!

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