If You Have a Dishwasher, You Can Surprisingly Clean These 5 Items

If you cook or clean often, you have likely found yourself relying upon your dishwasher to quickly clean up after meals. You might even occasionally throw things like vases or plastic storage containers in with dirty dishes, in an effort to streamline your cleaning routine. But, did you know that you can take that efficiency one step further by using your dishwasher to clean common household items? From baseball caps to faux flowers, here are five surprising things you can wash in a dishwasher!

Phone Cases

If you use a smartphone case made of silicone, rubber, or plastic, you can bet that your case is dishwasher-safe. However, cases with multiple glued-on pieces may come apart in the dishwasher, so use caution. Place the case on its side on the top rack.

Baseball Caps

Yes, you can wash baseball caps in the dishwasher! First, pre-treat any stains with a stain remover spray before washing in the dishwasher. Place hats on the top rack so they keep their shape.

Kids’ Toys

Many plastic babies and kids' toys are labeled as dishwasher-safe. It's best to put plastic in the top rack, which is farther away from the heat source. Place smaller pieces (such as building blocks) in a mesh bag to prevent them from moving around during the wash.

Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum attachments get dirty fast – so why not toss them in the dishwasher? Many vacuum attachments, including brushes and detachable filters, can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If space allows, stand the attachments up in the top rack.

Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are great for decorating your apartment. They can easily get dusty and dirty, though. So, to easily remove dust from plastic synthetic flowers, lay them horizontally on the top rack before running a regular dishwasher cycle.

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